Welcome to Havana Grill Cuban Cuisine!
This restaurant, located at 8878 S. Eastern Ave., at the intersection of Pebble Road, is the next-best thing to visiting Cuba’s famous capital. Send your senses on vacation, as you taste the exotic flavors of the authentic dishes. Indulge in the delicious, fancy cocktails; and enjoy the exciting music and beautiful culture of everything that is Cuba.
Chef Sergio Perez, a native of Havana, has more than 15 years experience creating traditional dishes of his homeland. He brought his mother’s recipes with him when he immigrated to the United States more than two decades ago.
He opened Havana’s sister restaurant, Florida Café, on the Las Vegas Strip, more than a decade ago. A showcase for local Cuban artists, the eatery is a favorite among locals and is known as the best place to grab a Cuban sandwich for lunch in the downtown area.
At Havana Grill the chef has redefined his style and tropical cuisine to fit the upscale, but casual restaurant, which turns into a boisterous nightclub after-hours.
Known for using only the freshest and natural ingredients, Sergio creates simple, yet elegant dishes that fill the room with a wonderful home y aroma. And the taste, well …. you will have to come visit to get the full flavor report.
The extensive menu is dressed in the traditional culinary garb of Cuba — ropa vieja, paella, tender sirloin steak, the famous Cuban sandwich, slow-roasted juicy pork, the traditional fried cow, shrimp enchilada and rice and chicken. All meals are accompanied by white rice and black beans, or colorados. It’s something that has become a calling card for the restaurant that is quickly becoming known for good food and fun and a relaxed atmosphere.
Daiquiris are a big part of the restaurant’s tropical experience. They come in different fruit flavors, such as strawberries and guavas. The refreshing Cuban mojito and papayua are also summertime favorites.
After dinner and drinks, enjoy a light and tasty dessert or cafe cubano, and soak up the sunset on the patio, which offers striking views of the desert mountains.
After dark, the energy spikes when Latin musicians drum up Havana rumba, combined with Latin music, in live concerts inside the eatery.
Thanks for visiting us, and being part of our extended family. Remember that you will always be welcome in our home; one that we share with you always.